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Let’s talk about… solidarity

Von Sagwas-Redaktion / 9. Juli 2018
Flavia Röhrs

The concept of solidarity is as miscellaneous as fragile. Especially in international politics. And even more so, it seems, when we speak about Iran. Two women have taken the chance to clarify a few things about solidarity in a far away country.

Usually you’ll find written articles published on sagwas.net. This time we wanted you to get confronted with a different opinion by listening to it carefully. And because this topic deals with foreign affairs expressed by a foreigner, the following conversation was conducted in English.

Among women

Ida Reihani from Iran. (Credit: Nadia Hertel)

On one hand, we invited Ida Reihani, 33, who left Iran in 2014 to start a double master’s in Journalism and Communication between St. Petersburg State University and Free University in Berlin. She currently lives in Germany and works as a journalist.

Flavia Röhrs (Credit: privat)

On the other hand, we were lucky to have Flavia Röhrs, 29, with us who studied European Studies and is highly interested in the developments in the Near and Middle East. She works for Unionshilfswerk.

Just a few years ago the now friends were total strangers, Flavia remembers. They met on a bus in Berlin in the middle of the night. „Ida had just arrived from the airport and was a little bit lost.“ While both women tried to figure out how and where Ida needs to go, they started to engage in discussions about studies, politics… life itself. And now: solidarity in Iran. Listen to their views boiled down to this version here.


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